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27 Feb Why Brochures Still Matter in The Paperless World

You’re business has a state of the art website, an interactive mobile app, regular email marketing and easily downloadable PDFs covering each aspect of your business. With so much technology and online focus, why does your business need brochures?

When you’re sales person leaves a prospect to make a purchasing decision, the brochure continues to sell for you.

Brochures are particularly important for big-ticket items such as a car, house, or a holiday. These are not the sort of items that consumers generally purchase on the spot. They often require not only discussion with friends and family but also confirmation from others that the purchase is the right decision to make. A brochure will on-sell your product/service to those who will influence a purchasing decision. It is also important in business to business sales, as the person you present your pitch to may very well not be the final decision maker. It ensures that the message does not get lost in translation and that important points are not forgotten.

A brochure adds credibility to your business. It give the image of professionalism and success and has a longer shelf life. When you direct a potential customer to your website, you rely on him/her going to their computer, typing in your URL and finding the relevant information. Chances are they will also look at your competitors websites while they’re at it. When you hand them a brochure you know that they have all the information they need to make a purchasing decision right in their hands.

A prospective customer can pick up, pass around and re-read a brochure. A brochure has the ability to continue to sell days, weeks, even months after your sales person stops selling. Unlike an email, a brochure cannot be deleted before it has been seen and there are no disrupted file error messages to contend with

For more information on how a good brochure can convert more prospects to customers contact PointB.

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